Our Prescription

 In a lively, participative session, employees are encouraged first to look into the mirror and assess the degree to          which they are experiencing symptoms of burnout.  In accordance with the adage, "Physician, heal thyself,"          participants are encouraged to stop viewing themselves as victims, and to engage in building their own well-being            so they can in turn contribute to the well-being of their patients and colleagues.


 Physical wellness:

     Burnout takes a physical toll, which ironically     helps to contribute to even greater burnout.           Truly a vicious circle, as Chuck describes in this     video clip:


Emotional wellness:

     Burnout damages life away from work as much,    or even more, than it damages work itself.  Yet a      key to battling burnout is having a strong                non-work emotional base.  Chuck describes some  examples: 


Workplace wellness:

     Battling burnout builds workplace wellness,          but some elements of the workplace (such as  relationships with colleagues) help win that battle,      as Chuck illustrates: