A recent survey    revealed that health- care workers report higher levels of stress than other industries.  69% indicated that they feel stress in their jobs, while 17% described themselves as highly stressed.

We help healthcare professionals battle the burnout blues!

     Changes in healthcare are rapidly increasing the demands placed on (and stress felt by) staff and physicians in hospitals and health systems nationwide.  Regrettably, many committed and competent caregivers find themselves exhausted, frustrated and unable to live up to their own expectations for excellence in patient care - the antithesis of the "engaged" team of caregivers patients need and healthcare executives desire. 

     Combatting growing disengagement and "burnout" among physicians and staff requires a thorough and thoughtful methodology that begins with individual caregivers, helping them move from a sense of powerlessness and victimization in the face of healthcare changes to a feeling of control over their own well-being and of renewed dedication to their work.   

     To help healthcare professionals battle burnout, Dr. Chuck Jackson has presented hundreds of seminars, workshops, retreats and keynote addresses to physicians, leaders and employees throughout North America.  Combining personal experience, professional expertise and a surprisingly engaging presentational style, he has helped caregivers enact the age-old adage, "Physician, heal thyself."